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LV - 2024-03-06

Thank you for your service, it is greatly appreciated! Please look after yourselves. Your family is thinking of you and are waiting for you to come home! Keep your head up!!

Jessica - 2024-03-06

Thank you for all the service that you do for our country. Thank you for doing an excellent job protecting our community, and we are grateful for you. I hope that you as well as your family remain safe and in good health.

TA - 2024-03-06

Thank you for your contribution to our country!

Eric - 2024-03-06

Dear Soldier, I hope this message finds you well and safe. Your bravery and sacrifice are deeply appreciated, and I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your service to our country. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers every day. Stay strong, stay safe, and know that your courage inspires us all. Thank you for everything you do. Sincerely, Eric

Jonathan - 2024-03-06

Thank you for your incredible service to our country, you help make our country a more free and stable place for the ordinary citizen to live in.

James Birchall - 2024-03-06

Canadian Armed Forces, Good morning. Have a splendid day today! James B.

JM - 2024-03-05

Thank you for your sacrifice and service to our country!

Natasha - 2024-03-05

Thank you everyone for your service and hope your year only get better and better.

Dominik Boccinfuso - 2024-03-05

Thank you for risking your life’s to make others and us more safe

Nav - 2024-03-05

Thank you for your service

Jeannine VanderBeek - 2024-03-04

Hola Canadian Forces member! We just landed back in Canada from a week's vacation in the Dominican. We celebrated their Independence Day with them and learned a couple things in the process. Apparently they've had to fight for their Independence four times: Twice from the Spanish, once from the French, and once from Haiti; which is the one they celebrate on February 27. (I thought you'd might like to know this if it ever comes up in a base Trivia Night.) It was nice to swim and get some sunshine, but also nice to be home. But isn't it always great to come home? Anyway, nobody poured me coffee or made be breakfast this morning, so it's back to being a big girl. I'm going to continue not making my bed in protest today though. Wherever you are, and whomever you're with on this day, I wish you safety and comfort. Now go take your vitamins and drink lots of water. We need you strong and healthy. You are loved. Jeannine xx

Girard Claude - 2024-03-01

Voici le texte que j'avais écrit à la suite du retour au pays des soldats canadiens en Afghanistan. Voir des soldats tomber Paroles : Claude Girard (août 2012) (Socan, Sartec – Œuvre protégée) Après des années de guerre Je suis revenu l’âme meurtrie Et dans chacune de mes artères Coulent les salves de l’ennemi De Kaboul à Kandahar Sur des terrains minés Chaque pas frôlant la mort Comme si c’était le dernier Et puis un jour On est rentrés chez nous Le cœur encore lourd D’éclats d’obus, d’arrière-goût Et puis un jour Au lever du soleil Dans le visage de mon amour Plus rien n’est pareil C’est fini pour moi Je ne veux plus jamais entendre Des bombes exploser C’est fini pour moi Je ne veux plus jamais voir Des soldats tomber Et lorsque je pense À tous ces civils et ces enfants Qui servent de boucliers Je pleure en silence J’y pense souvent Ça fait bien trop de vies brisées Pénible retour à la réalité Après toutes ces années Le monde a bien changé Pas facile de s’y retrouver Tant d’images dans ma tête Que je ne peux chasser Tous ces mauvais rêves Trop de souvenirs hantés Et puis un jour On est rentrés chez nous Le cœur encore lourd D’éclats d’obus, d’arrière-goût Et puis un jour Au lever du soleil Dans le visage de mon amour Plus rien n’est pareil Et puis un jour On est rentrés chez nous Le cœur encore lourd D’éclats d’obus, d’arrière-goût Et puis un jour Au lever du soleil Dans le visage de mon amour Plus rien n’est pareil… Plus rien ne sera jamais pareil.

Caitlyn - 2024-02-28

Dear Soldier, Thank you for all that you do to support our country and allow us to enjoy the freedom we have. It is crazy to think that you could be anywhere in the world right now, and you are protecting us. Without you, I might not be able to write this letter. Thank you will never be enough to show my gratitude, but it doesn't hurt to say it anyway. Your work and sacrifice will forever be appreciated by my family and me. Thank you so much, Caitlyn

Lindsay - 2024-02-28

Thank you for all you do for the country! it is greatly appreciated!

cayla hrycyschyn - 2024-02-28

canadian armed forces: i want to express my gratitude for fighting for our countries freedom and sacrificing so much in order to do so. it is not taken lightly how much resilience and strength it takes to do so. anytime I'm able to let our Canadian armed forces know how much they're appreciated is an honor.

Daniel Allan - 2024-02-27

Thank you for the troops and their peace keeping efforts. I hope someday soon all conflicts, occupations and genocides will end soon so everyone can be home and safe. Thank you for your service

Tyler Mattson - 2024-02-27

Good morning/afternoon, i just wanted to say thank you for eerything you do during this tough time, i cant imagine the struggles you all go through everyday that not only me but everyone else take for granted, things like going to the store for groceries, going to hang out with friends, or simply sitting at home relaxing. i cant begin to describe the amount of courage and strength it must take to go through everyday with the amount of stress and anxiety not knowing if you will ever see your friends and family again and knowing that once this is all finally over the war inside your heads will have only just begun. long story short, i want you all to know that everything you guys are doing is greatly appreciated and it will never be forgotten. Stay Strong!!!

Tam - 2024-02-26

Thanks for putting your lives on the line to protect Canadians and for protecting our country. I am very thankful for what you do everyday and hope you make it home safely to your love ones. Thank you.

Kylie Kallenberger - 2024-02-26

Thank you for your dedication to our nation and keeping us safe. I acknowledge you are sacrificing your life to keep our amazing country a safe place to get educated, work and have freedom for several activities. I'm proud to be a part of this amazing country you keep safe for me to live in. Thank you for all your hard work and wearing our flag with pride.

Megan Mountain - 2024-02-26

Thank you for all of you hard work & everything you do out there. Please come home safe.

Charli Long - 2024-02-26

Thank you for all that you do to protect and serve our country. We are extremely grateful to have your service.

mirsi - 2024-02-26

Thank you for your service and sacrifices.

kady - 2024-02-26

Just wanted to say thank you to all you brave men and women out there for serving our country and keeping it safe each and everyone of you are all heroes.

Breanne - 2024-02-26

Thank you for everything you are doing. You make such a huge difference and your bravery and sacrifices are something to admire.

Ysabel Peralta - 2024-02-26

Thank you so much for what you all are doing! From our hearts thank you so much! Please take a good care!

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