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Aqib - 2024-04-22

Bonjour, Je m’appelle Aqib, j’ai 15 ans, et j’adore regarder des émissions sur l’armée. Ces émissions m’ont toujours rendu curieux de savoir comment l’armée protège notre pays. Votre courage et votre travail acharné pour défendre notre nation m’inspirent énormément. Ces programmes m’ont appris à admirer la force, pas seulement physique, mais aussi celle du caractère, comme le leadership et l’esprit d’équipe. Cela me donne envie de rejoindre un jour les Forces canadiennes pour contribuer moi-même à la sécurité de notre pays. Merci à tous pour votre service remarquable. Vous faites bien plus que protéger notre pays ; vous inspirez aussi les jeunes comme moi à voir grand et à aspirer à faire la différence. Cordialement, Aqib

Josiah - 2024-04-22

Je suis très reconnaissant pour toutes les difficultés que vous avez traversées pour protéger votre pays. S'il vous plaît, passez une bonne vie et profitez de votre temps tant qu'il dure dans l'armée > : J'espère que vous voyez ce message.

Aaden - 2024-04-22

bonjour monsieur ou madame Ce que vous avez fait ou faites est l'un des emplois les plus respectés au Canada. Ce que vous faites est si important que tout le monde le respecte et l'honore hautement. Vous devriez être fier de ce que vous avez fait jusqu’à présent et continuer.

Sumar - 2024-04-22

Bonjour, Je m'appelle Sumar et je suis en 9e année. Je tiens à exprimer ma gratitude à tous les membres des Forces canadiennes pour leur engagement et leur bravoure, qui m'inspirent vraiment. J'ai toujours admiré votre travail acharné et votre dévouement à la protection de notre pays. J'ai moi-même songé à m'engager dans l'armée à de nombreuses reprises. En voyant l'impact de vos actions, je me suis dit qu'un jour, je pourrais m'engager dans l'armée. Je tenais à vous remercier pour tout ce que vous faites et pour les sacrifices que vous consentez pour assurer notre sécurité. Votre dévouement ne passe pas inaperçu et je vous remercie sincèrement. Je vous prie d'agréer, Madame, Monsieur, l'expression de mes salutations distinguées. Sumar

Blake Hawk - 2024-04-22

Bonjour monsieur les militaires. Merci d'avoir protégé et servi notre merveilleux pays. Je suis très reconnaissant pour Notre engagement et votre service.

Asad - 2024-04-22

Merci de protéger notre pays. Vous rendez un service incroyable à notre pays. Je comprends que vous vous sacrifiez pour nous tous les jours. Nous sommes tous à votre service. Continuez votre bon travail !!!

maaz - 2024-04-22

Je voudrais remercier les militaires canadiens pour avoir servi et protégé les citoyens canadiens. Je tiens extrêmement à vous remercier pour votre service. Vous mettez votre vie en jeu pour notre liberté et notre sécurité.

Anthony Gerdal - 2024-04-22

Merci pour votre service éternel dans l'armée et la protection que vous avez accordée à notre pays. J'espère le meilleur pour vous les gars.

Jasmine - 2024-04-22

Bonjour les soldats canadiens. Merci pour votre protection. Nous pouvons vivre en sécurité grâce à vous. Vous allez très bien.

sara - 2024-04-22

Merci pour tout et pour notre sécurité. sans vous, nous serions en danger et potentiellement blessés. Merci donc de servir dans l'armée.

Sean - 2024-04-22

Je suis reconnaissant envers les Forces armées canadiennes qui a le courage de défendre notre pays. Merci pour faire de notre pays ce qu'il est et pour avoir défendu le pays pendant toutes ces années.

Christopher Kuten - 2024-04-17

I just wanted to say thank you for your service and dedication to our great country, keep your head down and alonz-y (vandoo reference)

Connor Muldowney - 2024-04-16

Dear National Defence of Canada, I just wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you to all the awesome folks at the Canadian National Defence! You guys rock! Thanks for keeping us safe and protecting our country. It's super cool to know that we have such brave and dedicated people looking out for us. You're like real-life superheroes! Keep up the amazing work, and know that your efforts don't go unnoticed. You're all heroes in my book!

Brandon Clark - 2024-04-15

Hello Canadian Special Forces, I believe Peace, Love, Truth, Freedom and Honor are some of the best aspects we have and is the backbone of the Greatest life forms to ever exist. I believe that we all need to have educated minds to be able to entertain thoughts like these without accepting them blindly or we may always be brainwashed by fear, hate & greed tactics spread by the selfish insanity of our leaders that lead instead of representing the Greatness that we are truely capable of. Sometimes when we lose hope we fall to places we do not wish to be, but with a soldier to lean on and a helping hand from Greatness Over Deception we will carry on, even after this life because if life forms do not believe in life after death, then what were we before the sperm and egg? Faith will always be a prerequisite of any undertaking and with the strenght of you all of you in the Canadian Special Forces we will overcome anything, it may take patience, hard work, a real struggle and a very long time but it will be done with love in our hearts to use true abilities of our minds. Please do not lose Hope, its the greatest gift we share. All Great Wemon & Men All Great Life Regards, jEdI_mOrPh

Cheryl - 2024-04-13

I never knew you could do this or I would have done this so long ago. Where do I begin? Thank you for your service! it isn't enough. I sent an email in today to find out what we can do to support you all, I'm not sure what you all need. As tensions rise in the middle east, I think were all feeling vulnerable. We're all in this together though.

Tiffany - 2024-04-12

Hi, how are you today? Whoever is reading this, do know that I truly admire anyone who is so selfless to fight for the country their loved ones are in, and allow us fellow citizens to be safe. I might not know how tough it must be but I want you to know that your people are proud of you. I am proud of you. Not just for your role in protecting the country but I'm proud of you for hanging on, for your perseverance to see through the tough times cuz every night must make way for the morning. You will get through this. Even if it might hard for you to believe that, it's ok, I'll believe it for you. I just want you to know you are loved, no matter who you are or what you've done. Not just by your loved ones but me too, as your sister in Christ:) And, though people may come and go, there is a person who will love you no matter what. He already knows the worst parts of you and He will stay by your side. His name is Jesus and He loves you:) All you have to do is accept Christ as your saviour and nothing will ever separate you from that love. Trust me, I wouldn't be alive right now if it wasn't for Him and it might help to know that you got the creator of the universe watching your back:) I also want to share with you a verse that helped me through some tough times. Hopefully it might help you too:) Joshua 1:9 'Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Love from Singapore!

Bob McArthur - 2024-04-12

To the Canadian Forces team in Latvia Politicians love to talk but often while they talk the talk their actions fall short. You, on the other hand, walk the talk. On our behalf, you put yourselves on the line. Your actions make me proud of being a Canadian. You represent the best of us- our commitment to our NATO partners and to defending our democratic way of life. Many of us, who do not serve like you, often take those principles - fair and open elections, independent courts and a free press- for granted. Because we haven’t had to think about the forces that threatens them. I want to express my appreciation to all of you for representing Canada to the global community. While I am only one Canadian, I am sure there are many more who share my sense of gratitude. Thank you!

Jimmy Badbones - 2024-04-12

Canadian Armed Forces, Happy TGIF! Have a splendid weekend. Take care, James B.

Jeannine VanderBeek - 2024-04-11

Good evening Canadian Forces Member! How are you feeling today? Did you sleep well last night? Did you eat good food, take a vitamin of something with a letter on it and read a chapter in your book? I'll admit I was indifferent about Monday's solar eclipse until our friends invited us to watch at their farm. When we arrived, the frogs in their pond were so loud they were deafening. About 2 minutes before totality, they all just shut up and then the crickets took over. The air got wicked cold and I could see Venus in the dark sky not far from the blending of the sun and moon. It was just magical and I'm so happy I didn't dismiss the spectacle by staying home. Hubby's watching the Leafs play as I write this. He said something about Matthews needing some goals to make 70 for the season, but the NHL isn't really my thing, so if I screwed that up it was because I stopped listening. If you're a Leafs fan, I hope this kid from the desert gives you your wish tonight. That's the update for now. Know that our little corner of the world is grateful that you decided on a military career. Stay safe, and know that you are all kinds of loved; wherever you are. Jeannine xx

Pierre - 2024-04-10

Je sais que vous êtes très fort et courageux, ne lâchez pas, soyez fier de vous, car moi, je suis fiere de tous nos valeureux soldats de nos forces. Je serai fier à cause d'une sourdité : je n'ai pas pu être accepté dans l'armée canadienne à l'âge de 42 ans, je suis à 59 ans et j'aimerais tellement être soldat, même si je suis en bonne forme physique. Mon âge est trop élevé, mais pourtant, je voudrais bien faire partie d'un programme spécial pour les personnes qui pourraient se qualifier pour la réserve, car leur forme physique est bonne. Je pourrais tellement aller vous aider. Lacher pas, je sais, vous êtes les meilleurs.

Candi-lynn - 2024-04-08

I have absolutely nothing of interest to contribute. I mean, if I'm being honest, I stumbled upon the board quite by accident but it didn't feel right to just sneak away without a word. I mean, I could say thanks, and I'm appreciative and all that chit, but everyone else already has, and I never do what everyone else does - thats boring. Instead I'll share with you what you missed this week: my mother lecturing me (side note Im a 39yr old single parent myself) about being out for a drive 4hrs before an eclipse like it was going to start shooting balls at us. Admit it, you can already hear THAT in your head! Anyways, heres to a new wk and everyone having a quiet one!

M. Davis - 2024-04-04

My Grade 7/8 class from St. Edward in Westport, Ontario would like to say hello. We have been studying so many things that you have done to keep us safe! Thank you for all you do, and remember, we are behind you, and praying for your safety everyday. Keep up the good work! Best, Mrs. Davis and the class :)

Kokou - 2024-04-02

Bonjour chers piliers de la nation. Seul vos efforts et sacrifices vous mettent debout. Accrochez vous à ces deux éléments et votre joie serait parfaite et jaillira sur toute la Nation Canadienne. Je vous reviens (Kokou depuis le TOGO)

Sukhdeep kaur - 2024-04-01

Dear Canadian Armed Forces Members: On behalf of all Canadians, I'd want to convey my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for your enduring devotion and commitment to our great country. You have continually displayed the courage, resilience, and professionalism that define the spirit of the Canadian Armed Forces. Your Commitment and Sacrifice You have repeatedly risen to meet the challenges that have confronted you, whether on the battlefield, in peacekeeping missions, or during domestic crises. Your dedication to upholding our ideals, defending our liberties, and serving the greater good is incredibly inspiring. Serving With Distinction Your selflessness and daily sacrifices are not overlooked. You have served with distinction, maintaining the highest standards of the Canadian Armed Forces and bringing glory to your country. Your bravery, skill, and unrelenting drive are a source of great pride for every Canadian. Thankfulness and appreciation I convey my heartfelt gratitude and admiration to all members of the Canadian Armed Forces. Your service demonstrates our nation's strength and resilience, and we will be eternally grateful to you for your steadfast dedication to safeguarding our way of life. Thank you for your service, and may you continue to serve with the devotion and courage that have marked the Canadian Armed Forces throughout history. sincerly Sukhdeep kaur

James William Birchall - 2024-03-30

Canadian Armed Forces Good afternoon. I just wanted to say you have my respect and admiration. Please continue to work hard protecting Canada and fulfilling our NATO obligations. Take care, James B.

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