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Abbey - 2023-12-29

Dear Canadian Armed Forces, Happy holidays to all! To those deployed and away from family and friends, I wish that you invent your own festivities whilst away from home. I hope no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you remember that you are in everyone’s heads and hearts this season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Judy Fedorchuk - 2023-12-29

I wish all of you were able to be home with the ones you love. To the friends and families who wait at home for their return, may your holidays be joyful and filled with peace.

Carmen Lebrasseur - 2023-12-28

Merci pour votre courage et votre honneur.?? Grâce à vous,nous vivons dans un pays sécuritaire et libre. Je vous souhaites la santé pour l'année 2024.??

Susan - 2023-12-27

Thank you all so very very much for everything u do to protect us all merry Christmas and happiest holidays

Natalia Juh - 2023-12-27

Salut les expat! C'est pas pcq vous êtes loin qu'on vous oubli. Il n'y a pas de neige en ce moment au Québec; il pleut même aujourd'hui (27/12). On vous garde de la poudreuse pour votre retour! Je sais, comme je travaille à vos côtés, que vous êtes bien entrainés et que vous faites toujours pour le mieux dans les situations pas évidentes et c'est comme ça que j'aime penser à vous en ce moment. On lâche pas! Un gros HUG pour vous.

Linda Pannell - 2023-12-25

To all of you serving, Merry Christmas! We're all safer because of you. For those on deployment away from your families, my thoughts and prayers are with you. All best wishes for 2024!

Diane Wells - 2023-12-25

My apologies. I should have said 'soldiers' in my previou message to include our very brave women, too!

Diane Wells - 2023-12-25

Christmas greetings to our very brave men. Keep fighting the good fight, and best wishes for a safe return home!

Cathy - 2023-12-25

To all services people near and far, I hope the season finds you well. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy 2024. Thank you for your service. Cathy

Jocelyn - 2023-12-25

May this Christmas bring you comfort, joy, and hope. Grateful for your service and sacrifice.

Jeff Hay - 2023-12-24

Thank you for your service and a blessed Merry Christmas for those of this faith for all other faiths know also you’re in our families prayers be safe and know you’re appreciated!

Chris W - 2023-12-24

To the courageous members of the Canadian Forces, This Christmas, we extend our deepest gratitude for your unwavering dedication and sacrifice. Amidst the warmth of the season, we want you to know that your commitment to protecting our nation is a beacon of hope and strength. Your selflessness echoes in the hearts of a grateful nation. As you spend this holiday away from loved ones, may the spirit of unity and camaraderie surround you, providing solace and companionship. Your resilience in the face of challenges inspires us all, reminding us of the true meaning of service and sacrifice. In the snowy landscapes and starlit nights, we envision you standing tall, guardians of peace. Each snowflake that falls carries with it our collective appreciation, forming a silent salute to your bravery. We wish you moments of joy and connection, even from a distance, as you celebrate Christmas in the service of our great country. May the warmth of the season reach you, wrapping you in the love and support of a nation indebted to your bravery. Merry Christmas, dear Canadian Forces members. You are our heroes, and your courage shines brightly, lighting the path to a peaceful and secure future. Merry Christmas.

Susan & Paul - 2023-12-24

To all our Canadian Forces personnel, a Christmas wish to all of you from our home to wherever you may be, we will think of you as you keep our nation safe and secure, and may you be healthy and happy during the holidays. As seniors, we have seen many years of our troops who have kept the peace and we only wish the very best for you.

Morgan - 2023-12-24

Dear Canadian Armed Forces, Thank you for protecting us and many others around the world. Your bravery is unrivalled, all of us in Canada are thankful for your services! Best of luck and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Mary - 2023-12-23

I would like to say how very much you are appreciated for everything you do.We are so sorry that you cannot be with your families and friends.Would also like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Greig Stephenson - 2023-12-23

Merry Christmas to our troops and support personnel... wherever you might be. Thank you for your service. From all the gang at Legion 99, Sicamous, British Columbia.

Braeden Lines - 2023-12-23

Merry Christmas to all CAF Members and Family! Wishing you nothing but a safe and happy 2024! Thank you for your dedication to serving Canada.

James William Birchall - 2023-12-23

Canadian Armed Forces, I just wrote down what looks like an amazing recipe ?? from Facebook! I'll have to try it soon! James B.

Constance Shay - 2023-12-23

Thank you for your hard work, your dedication and your service to Canada. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and the very best in 2024!!

James William Birchall - 2023-12-23

Royal Canadian Navy ??, Happy New Year! Please enjoy the holidays as much as possible! James B.

Lori - 2023-12-23

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. Best wishes for a safe, happy and healthy New Year!

Cara from Nova Scotia - 2023-12-23

To all forces members, thank you for all you do. From being deployed around the world to fighting natural disasters at home, your training, expertise, sacrifice and dedication is appreciated. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas ?? and that you will soon be back with your families. Thank you and blessings for a happy new year!

Jabran Butt - 2023-12-23

Dear Canadian Forces, Thank you for defence, drill and discipline and keeping our nation protected and strong. Wish you a Happy Christmas 2023 and remain hopeful you will return safe from deployments. Thank you for your service.

Val - 2023-12-23

As the daughter of a British Empire Medal recipient,I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation for all you sacrifice for our freedom. May god bless you and keep you safe as we will continue to pray for peace.

Nic - 2023-12-22

We are thinking of you every minute of everyday. You are not forgotten; you are remembered, respected and honored. =

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