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Richard Jonathan Mulroney - 2024-06-18

God bless you CAF stay safe all CAF and NATO ally’s

RM - 2024-06-18

thank you for your service,I’m so very grateful for all the serviceman and women who died and the and who are currently serving At home and abroad I pray that you guys get home safe to your families and loved ones we will persevere you got this reminder to remember your training and stay calm I love this country and I wanna give back by joining and serving our great country/military next year I’m going to join in working all this year to join someday im still learning how to be a winner like you. and I pray you all get home safe to your family’s best of luck stay safe out there god bless you

Lucy - 2024-06-14

I know I will never fully understand what you went through and I don't know you but I am very thankful for everything you have done for our country. I can not imagin what you went through and how you would have felt during the war. I really hope that you are doing better. Thank you for all of your service and work.

Cady - 2024-06-14

Dear Soldier, I hope you know that you're truly a rockstar for serving our country. Serving Canada must be an honour. Your dedication and sacrifice inspire us all and we are deeply grateful for your commitment to protecting our freedom and safety. Wishing you strength, courage, and peace as you carry out your duties. Thank you, Cady.

Qualia - 2024-06-14

Dear Soldier, My name is Qualia, and I'm writing to you today to thank you for your service to our country. what you do is incredibly important to our freedom, our safety, and our futures. thank you for all that you do.

Ethan - 2024-06-14

Dear Soilders I am writing to you today to say my thanks of everything you have done, I know a thank you is not much because what you have done is more than a thanks but as you can see I can't do much. You have sacrificed so much for us with that I'm saying thank you you change people's lives and mabey you lives have change after this, Im sorry of all those you have lost when fighting for are country. Thank you for all thing you have done :).

Otis - 2024-06-14

Dear soldier, I appreciate all that you have done and I want to thank you for your service. I have a question for you. Why did you join the military? I'll bet it was for an excellent reason. I'll also bet you have some pretty cool stories to tell. Thank you for reading this letter and I wish you all the best! Sincerely, Otis

Theo - 2024-06-14

Dear Soldier, In class, we read a book on D-Day. It was about our Allies. In the book, there is a soldier named Dee. Dee is very scared. In the end, he figures out how to be a good soldier. While reading this book I thought about how horrible it must have been to be in a war. It gave me perspective on how it would've been to be a soldier. I would like to thank you for your service. Sincerely Theo

Fiona.L - 2024-06-14

Dear soldier: Hi! Because we recently read a book about World War II and D-Day, it made me admire you. I am so grateful for the sacrifice and effort you made at that time. Yes, a war must be cruel and inhumane, and no soldier is invulnerable. In such a terrifying and inevitable situation, you still dare to go to the battlefield. I really want to applaud your courage and will! What a brave soldier! I am really really really grateful to you for bringing such peace and prosperity! : Without you, I would not be able to use such an advanced computer to write to you; without you, I may still be wandering around now, with no fixed place to live, and even lost many relatives… Well, at the end of the letter, I thank you again for the peace and prosperity you have brought with your life, flesh and soul. Yours sincerely, Fiona.L

Bisan - 2024-06-14

Dear Soldier, My words can't describe how grateful my fellow people and I are for your service without you and your help our world would not be as great as it is now, remember that we all love you and appreciate your service. We hope all of you are having a good time and joy with your families and lives. I know you had bad days and bad times during the war and your life. I hope your next days will be happy and calm after all the hard times you have seen and suffered in war. All I said can't describe me and my feelings from the inside, because your service is in my heart. I would like to thank you so much for all you did for our world. Sincerely, Bisan

Hayden - 2024-06-14

Dear Soldier, I am writing to you today because we read a book in class about D-day. I would like to thank you for your service. I appreciate all you have done and how much you have been through to keep this country safe. After reading the book Allies it made me realize how horrific it can be. I am curious about how you aren't freaking out all of the time. I wonder how you must have felt the first day you became a soldier and now, it must be a lot different. I will forever be thankful for all you have done. Sincerely, Hayden

graeson - 2024-06-14

Dear Soldier I am writing to you today because I am told to write a letter to a soldier we are writing to you because we read a book about D-Day and we are really surprised on how when and how scary it might have been for you if you were in the war at the time but I bet you you weren't because you're part of the new war I don't know how to say it but.We were reading the book and we realized how scary it was and all the people that died That's all I wanted to say and I wonder how hard it is for you to be in the war and fight against other people and how to get into the war that must be really tough but That's all I got to say bye-bye.

Jordyn - 2024-06-14

Dear Soldier, I'm writing you this letter because I've been interested in what your journey has been, and how and why you became a soldier in the army. I can only imagine how hard it must been even to be accepted to the academy. The training must have been very intense and long. If I may ask what was your journey to become a soldier, and how long you have been in service? Thank you for reading my letter. Your Friend, Jordyn

Jessa - 2024-06-14

Dear soldier, may 1st 2024 Hello soldier, is it scary doing what you do? Do you love fighting for people even if its scary? Do you guys always have a plan? I am sorry for asking so many questions, I am just very curious. It seems scary but brave of you all who do what you do, I understand if you don't answer all of my questions or don't answer at all but thank you! sincerely, Jessa

Sheyanne - 2024-06-14

Dear Soldier May, 14, 2024 I am writing to you because we read a book In class about D-Day. After reading the novel 'Allies', I now know more than before. I would like to thank you for your services. Sincerely, Sheyanne

Carter - 2024-06-14

Dear Soldier, I am writing to you today because our class has just finished a book called Allies. The topic of the book revolves around what happened on D-Day. In Allies, one of the characters, Dee, always looked for a specific soldier to fight with. Did you have someone that you looked for? I also wanted to thank you for your service. It takes so much bravery to enlist, and your courage is looked up to. War is a horrific thing, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. No matter who wins, both sides get hurt and damaged. So once again, thank you. Sincerely, Carter

Adyan - 2024-06-14

Dear Soldier, I am writing this letter to you today because of a book we read about war called Allies. Which talks about WW2 and specifically D-Day and the horrors that happened there. I am forever grateful to those soldiers who sacrificed themselves in the name of their country! Sincerely Adyan

jensen - 2024-06-14

i am writing to you today because we read a book in class called allies and it was about d-day i would like to thank you for your service to Canada. thanks for your bravery and sacrifices and strength. they do not go unnoticed. i appreciate my freedom very much sincerely jensen

colton - 2024-06-14

dear solider I am making this letter to say thanks you for all you do and help the country to be a good place I hope you be in the army and help the country like you guys too I am happy for all you do and what you do. I read a book about d days. I hope you help Canada like you guys do and may this be a better place. I am thankful for everything you guys do. by colton

shawn - 2024-06-14

Dear Devin, In class we just finished reading the book Allies. It was about WWII and D-Day. I believe your job is very heroic as you risk your life for our country. So, I wanted you to know the commitment you've made means so much and is so appreciated. Thank you for your service to our country and its citizens. Sincere thanks for the big sacrifices you've made for Canada. From:Shawn

Mat - 2024-06-13

Dear Soilder, I am extremely thankful for your sacrifices you made for all the countrys around world during your time in battle, I can not even comprahand the things you saw in the war and hope you have recovered from the events that you experienced, the reason I wrote to you is because we read a book called "allies" that made me realize how bad ww2 was, thank you for your services From Mat

Ben - 2024-06-13

Dear soldier I am writing this letter to you because I recently read a book on D-Day. I would like to honor you for your service and your bravery in fighting in the war. I wanted to thank you for your service and fighting for my freedom. Sincerely Ben

Owen - 2024-06-13

Dear Veteran, I thank you for your service to Canada. My class read a book called Allies that was about World War 2. After reading the book it motivated our class to send letters to veterans like you. After reading the book I realized how bad war is and how brave you are for serving our country. Sincerely, Owen

Nolan - 2024-06-13

Thank you for all of the amazing things you've done for our country to help us live a better life. You did so much stuff for us that it's impossible for me to pay it back.

Micaela - 2024-06-13

Dear soldier, I want to thank you for everything you do and continue to do for this country and for all the sacrifices you have sacrificed to serve our country. You continue to inspire young people to join and serve in the army and become apart of the military. I hope that you have safe travels across all different parts of the world making everyone at home and in Canada proud of all your hard work to get where you are. I am grateful for the freedom that you have made possible for this country. Wishing you nothing but the best on all of your missions. From Micaela

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