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Remote Minehunting and Disposal System

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To develop a modular, stand-off Naval Mine Countermeasures capability, designed to provide the full spectrum of Naval Mine Hunting operations and contribute to underwater domain awareness. The Remote Minehunting and Disposal Systems (RMDS) will generate the capability to detect, classify, localize, reacquire, identify, and dispose of sea mines and Underwater Improvised Explosive Devices that pose a threat to Canadian interests or impede the conduct of maritime operations. The RMDS project intends to leverage proven Commercial off the Shelf unmanned systems and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) technology. These RMDS payloads will contain modular sub-systems that are portable and deployable.


The Royal Canadian Navy aims to acquire two separate modular RMDS payloads, one for each coastal formation. Each of the RMDS payloads will consist of the following sub-systems: 1. AUV Sub-system, including a minimum of two small, "man portable" AUVs (12-45 kg), and a minimum of two light weight, "deep water" AUVs (up to 300 kg); 2. Mine Disposal Sub-system. The mine disposal sub-system shall consist of a minimum of 10 Explosive Mine Disposal Vehicles (EMDV), a minimum of two training and/or inspection variants of the mine disposal system, one mine disposal control console, and one portable storage magazine for up to five EMDVs; and 3. Transportable Command Centre - a dedicated number of 20’ long ISO Intermodal Shipping Containers that will provide a habitable shelter to facilitate the conduct of deployed RMDS operations and maintenance.

Funding Range

$50 million to $99 million

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