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Logistics Vehicle Modernization

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Project Replace


The Logistics Vehicle Modernization project will modernize and improve the Canadian Armed Forces light and heavy logistics vehicle capability. Improvements to payload, functionality, protection and mobility are expected.

In order to realize procurement efficiencies, the equipment capabilities articulated in the Operational Support Capability series of Projects will now be addressed by the Canadian Army Equipment Program. As part of this initiative this project will now incorporate the requirements of the: Deployable Fire Fighting Capability, Joint Deployable Bulk Fuel Storage and Distribution and QA Testing requirements and partially those of Joint Special Purpose Heavy Lift projects.


The project will mainly replace the Light Support and Heavy Logistics Vehicle Wheeled fleets (LSVW and HLVW) with new light trucks and trailers of a 4 to 5 tonne cargo capacity, modules to mount on the trucks and trailers that will provide accommodation space to conduct various tasks (such as office space and workshops). The project will also deliver a heavy truck and trailer with a 15 tonne cargo capacity, trailers for engineer construction equipment and to transport a main battle tank, modules for accommodation and specialized cargo (such as fuel). Both Light and Heavy trucks will come with and an armoured protection kit for the cab. This fleet of trucks will be supported by an in-service support arrangement that provides for parts and sustainment for the planned 20-30 year life of the vehicles. This capability will be used for domestic and expeditionary training and operations.

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Funding Range

$1 billion to $4.99 billion

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